Interested in lessons? Email Emily here! Speed up the process by including a copy of the program's New Rider Questionnaire with your inquiry! 

Emily strives to provide individualized riding education that is suited specifically to your needs.

From the greenest beginner to the most ambitious rider, she accepts students of all backgrounds and with all aspirations. Emily believes in the importance of communication not only between rider and horse, but between student and instructor as well. Her lessons remain challenging and conducive to increasing skill, without sacrificing safety and trust. She is eager to support and aid students as they reach their goals both in and out of the show ring - but never forces students to show if it is not their desire.

Using her knowledge of the biomechanics of both horse and rider, Emily is able to teach her students to be balanced, confident and aware of how their actions affect their equine partners. She works closely with both adults and children to develop a better balance and body-awareness in the saddle, in order to better support their equine partners. Without fair and just methods of communication, trust cannot be forged between rider and horse.

Emily is always working to improve her own skills as a trainer and rider, and believes that no teacher should ever stop learning. She takes regular lessons with local FEI level instructors/riders, and studies the French classical school of dressage, both through practice and theory, and is currently a part of the APAHA program in an effort to continue to improve her understanding of the classical horse. 

Emily accepts riders age 10 and up, but a unique part of her program focuses on adults who are returning to riding after some time away. Many adults - whether just beginning or returning after some time off - find they are anxious about starting lessons. Don't worry! Emily's patient and approachable affect in lessons allows adults and children alike to feel as though they can take part in the development of their own education. She teaches specifically to the needs of the rider and horse, and is always happy to discuss theory, revisit previous lessons and create meaningful exercises for each individual student.

Because of her limited schedule, in 2020 Emily welcomed Andrea Roraback to her program as an assistant instructor. Andrea's program works with beginner and intermediate riders 8 years old and up, with a special appreciation for beginner adults. 

Emily's primary lesson program is based out of Meadowlark Equestrian Center, in Plymouth, Michigan, which she co-manages. Because of the beautiful and spacious indoor riding arena, lessons are available year round, with the exception of some holidays and severe weather advisories. There is also an outdoor riding arena for nicer weather and jumping, and nearly 50 acres of wooded trails in addition to over 50 acres of pastures and fields. 

In 2021, Emily was excited to introduce long-term student Andrea Roraback to her program as her official assistant instructor. Andrea (Andi) teaches beginner and intermediate adults and children (age 10+) and her background in education gives her a great many tools to help riders flourish! Andi teaches on both Emily's horses, as well as her own lesson horses, and is an incredible asset to the program! 

Lessons are available on your horse or one of her many lesson horses or on your own horse in basic english riding and classical dressage, with some limited cross training in jumping and trails. She also offers lessons in starting/training horses, and often has at least one green horse that students are welcome to learn from.

Lessons and training are available year-round. Private and small group lessons are available, though private slots currently have a wait list that is by appointment only. Small group lessons tend to be 3-4 riders total, and are carefully selected to best suit the education of both rider and horse.  

Using school horse
Using private horse

Group Lesson (hr)

$205 Monthly Tuition

$180 Monthly Tuition
Private 30 minutes
Private 45 minutes
Training Rides
$35-40 per session, packages available

Emily also allows limited leases on her school horses to students. If you are interested in current available leases, please contact her directly.

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